I’ve had the question asked many times, “Why are you going to Beirut?”  It’s a great question, but the answer is actually really tough to hear.  The U.N. has informed the world that we are facing the greatest humanitarian crisis since the world began.  Never before have we seen as many humans trying to find shelter, searching for food, full of desperation, often injured and full of pain.  From the country of Syria, they are running for their lives and there simply isn’t a home, nor enough food to sustain this desperate group of people.

The world must stand and take notice.  We, together have the collective power to change this crisis into something beautiful.  Many of us have heard about it on the news or through an article but because of the volume of input into our lives we moved on to the next calamity without much thought given.  I’m the first to raise my hand and simply say, I’m apart of that group.  Instead of the problem going away, or getting better, it simply continues to spiral out of control, in fact, compounding tragically upon itself.

Do I know what the answer is?  No, I can’t say that I do.  Here’s what I do know 1.  We know God’s heart breaks for all people.   If we are willing, He is able.  2.  Together, we have the collective power to make huge change in the world in which we live.  Let’s make a change in this area. 3.  As we find ways to help we will pass on this information.

I’m saddened by what I know I will see, however, I’m excited about the opportunity to see God work, in God size ways.  I have no doubt in my mind that He will bring real answers.  Please help me begin this process by simply praying for these people and praying for God to show us how we can make the biggest difference.

Much Love,


PS.  Here’s a video I found that is somewhat outdated but gives you a really good overview of the situation.  The numbers you’ll see on this video have more than tripled since it’s production.

Syrian Issue  –  Click here to watch.