A Faith-Based Adventure Program for Girls

Rainbows Club for Preschool Boys & Girls

In the Rainbows Club, preschool boys and girls learn life lessons from all the animals in Noah’s Ark!  They learn about thanking, sharing, helping, and kindness, eat yummy snacks, sing song, and play games.  For each 4 week unit, Rainbows earn badges to put on their vests and they can earn the Honor Rainbow award!

Daisies Club for Kindergarten Girls

Our Daisies love tea parties, teddy bear picnics, and pool parties!  Each week they learn about trusting, respecting, and giving with the help of their paper doll friends Darcy, Diana, and Dorie.  They earn badges to put on their sashes and work towards the Honor Daisy award!

Prims Club for 1st & 2nd Grade Girls

Prims love treasure hunts, cooking, and going on adventures like day hikes and backyard campouts!  Our Prims earn badges like Art, Community, Friendship, and Safety.  If they finish 18 badges, they can earn the Honor Prim award!

Stars Club for 3rd – 5th Grade Girls

Our awesome Stars have been spotted climbing trees, baking cookies, and just going bananas!  Winter Camp is one of their favorite adventures: they learn to work together as a team in the kitchen at our annual camp baking competition and on the challenge course where they have to rely on each other to complete each activity.  Stars who go the extra mile are able to earn the Honor Star award.

Friends Club for Middle School Girls

Friends Club girls build solid relationships that can last a lifetime.  They earn charms for their Friends necklace as they explore topics such as Self Esteem, Taming the Tongue, and Attitude.  They have sleepovers, game nights, and the annual Christmas Banquet.  After earning 18 charms for their necklace, they are eligible to become Friends Graduates.

Girls Only Club For High School Girls

In the Girls Only Club, young ladies earn pins while learning about real life topics such as finance, college and career, managing stress, dating, and home management.  They go ice skating, have beach barbeques, and visit college campuses.  After completing 20 units, girls are eligible to become Girls Only Graduates.

Achievement Program

In addition to club level awards, Mpact Girls can earn three higher level awards.

•     Bronze Medal: Girls can earn this award after completing three club levels.

•     Silver Medal: Girls can earn this award after completing four club levels.

•     Gold Medal: Girls can earn this award after completing five club levels.  (This is the equivalent of the Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts.)