The extravagance of LA to the unknown of Beirut causes my heart to wonder so many things . . . . . .  How are we all so different?  Our Cities, our homes, our Airports etc.  Love the fact that God made us different on purpose in so many beautiful ways.  As I sit here waiting to board an almost 12 hour first leg flight to Germany, I watch with giggles, smiles and wonder.  Humans are so unique, so funny, or serious, tall, short, brown, white, tan, black or whatever.  The challenge is to accept people just how God made them, with all their differences, good and bad.  We don’t have to agree, but we are called to LOVE, and love big, love in an unending way.  I’m excited to go somewhere I’ve never been and express this love that only comes from Jesus himself.

As soon as I arrive, I’ll put up another post with all the details of what I see.  Thank you for joining me on this journey to a group of people in desperate need.

Much Love O’side, already miss ya,