Let’s be honest, some of us stress a bit when you hear, “now take a minute to greet your neighbor.”

So here are some tips to help you totally thrive during the minute mingle!

1. Make conversation

• the silence after the initial “hi” can be totally awkward… we know! So come to church with prepped questions so you don’t stress yourself out and actually get to know someone – or else you’ll start admiring the church decor or “act” busy so no one else talks to you…

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2. Embrace the hugger

• We all know one person who is just known for their hello hugs, and no, I don’t mean the side hugger, I mean the total attack hug that can make you feel crunchy… maybe this week try and hug back! Maybe you’ll make a new friend out of it 😉

3. Conquer the many hands to shake

• “I don’t know what they touched last!” – The germaphobe. I know… I think that too, but don’t stress out, maybe try keeping a little hand sanitizer in your bag for backup! And maybe gum…

4. The exit

• When we are intentional with our conversations and making people feel more comfortable and welcomed, I really believe we will go back to our seat feeling like a million bucks ready to hear the word!